Wes Roberts

Wes Roberts is a contract college professor who teaches computer technology, business writing and communication, and office procedures for two of the largest colleges in Canada. In addition, Wes has a small company that offers business and social media content writing.

In the late 1980s Wes had a remarkable experience which, over 20 years later, was identified as an alien abduction. As an abductee – though he prefers to call himself an “experiencer” – Wes’ passion is to spread the word to help others come to terms with their alien encounters. Alongside his numerous alien
experiences, many of which have been consciously recalled, Wes spent several active years in a paranormal research institute. He has some abilities that many would call “psychic”, though he prefers not to attach a label to them.

Wes co-hosted and periodically appeared as a guest on Lesley Mitchell-Clarke’s BlogTalkRadio show called Contact. Together, they currently conduct interviews for their YouTube-based Contact TV channel.

Some of Wes’ accounts have appeared in Terror In The Night I – Alien Abduction Exposed!, and the late Bob Mitchell’s What If?: Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind. In addition, he and Lesley have co-written
their first book, which they hope to have available for this year’s Alien Cosmic Expo.

Mr. Roberts lives in Toronto, Canada with his partner, Ana, and is a member of The Experiencer Support Association. (T.E.S.A).