Suzanne Hansen

Suzy Hansen’s worldview was shaken in 1975, at age 20, when her car was engulfed and lifted off the road by a massive white ball of light, resulting in 90 minutes of missing time. The incident catapulted Suzy headlong into researching these ongoing contact experiences and UFO sightings.

Suzy is a UFO sighting investigator, author, and experiencer from New Zealand.

By profession, she was a college teacher, and a Grief Counselor.

She is the author of The Dual Soul Connection – the Alien Agenda for Human Advancement(2015), with contributions by Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics, Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, USA.

Based on her lifetime of contact, Suzy’s presentation will address aspects of spirituality, consciousness, telepathy, metaphysics, and alien culture, alongside scientific concepts of physics and the operation of advanced organic “conscious” technology, all within the framework of alien contact, highlighting our interconnection with a wider universal family.

In particular, Suzy will outline her participation in complex multi-layered alien programs, a positive agenda designed to assist and advance humankind, her experience with hybrid species and of a “dual soul” – alien and human – central to this agenda.

Suzy has spoken internationally since 1997, on New Zealand UFO sightings and research, and on the alien contact phenomenon – in particular, her own lifetime of such experiences. She has lectured in the USA, the UK, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand.

Suzy began working with abductees/experiencers in NZ in 1975, establishing the New Zealand Abductee Support Group in 1989, now replaced by Communicatorlink which she established in 2014 – a support, research and information network for experiencers of alien contact.


NZ UFO sightings:

Suzy has actively investigated (fieldwork) NZ UFO sightings for 43 years. She is the founding Director of UFO Focus New Zealand Research Network (UFOCUS NZ), a nationwide group that investigates and documents New Zealand UFO sightings, with a particular interest in NZ aviation and military UFO sightings, and UFO sightings that occur around the times of seismic and volcanic activity in NZ. UFOCUS NZ’s archive holds over 10,000 UFO sighting reports, making it one of the largest archives worldwide. In 2008/09, Suzy was instrumental in lobbying the NZ Chief of Defense Forces to disclose the NZ MOD UFO files, released in 2010 and 2011.

Suzy has appeared in a number of international UFO documentaries including 60 Minutes, Korean TV, and National Geographic’s series Invasion Earth. She regularly contributes articles to UFO Truth Magazine (UK), and has written for UFOlogist (Aust), Ovni (UK), and other UFO and paranormal/spirituality-focused magazines, and she has been featured in magazine and newspaper articles, and internet interviews on NZ UFO sightings in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Germany, USA, and Italy. Website: 

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“I think Suzanne is without a doubt one of the 10 most important people in the UFO field to listen to. I have a couple of her stories on flying the craft and what is call rapid image cycling that I tell all the time.”

– Grant Cameron