Stanton Friedman

ufoRetired nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman remains the go-to-guy for everything about Roswell nearly 60 years after an alien space craft crashed in the New Mexico desert in July 1947. As the original civilian investigator of one of the world’s most famous UFO incidents, Friedman probably knows more about it than anybody alive – other than the secret keepers.

Now 81, Friedman remains one of the most sought after guest speakers on the UFO/Alien circuit and he’ll be back again at this summer’s Alien Cosmic Expo, 24-26, in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. His lecture on Majectic-12, the top-secret intelligence group behind the UFO cover-up, is a must-attend event for those interested in how the U.S.-led UFO cover-up began and continues.

The American-born Friedman, who now lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, has provided written testimony about the existence of UFOs to U.S. Congressional hearings, twice appeared at the UN and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows over his illustrious career as a researcher and author of the UFO phenomenon. Friedman will also be among the panel of experts testifying at the Alien Cosmic Expo’s ground-breaking ET Disclosure Hearing on Sat. June 24.