Susan Collins

Susan Collins Feb 2015

Susan Collins, is an internationally acclaimed dowsing teacher, Keynote Speaker and workshop leader. She uses traditional dowsing tools as well as the power of heart and thought to detect and transform non-beneficial Earth, Environmental, Psychic and Other energy patterns.  She has presented in person at many international and regional conferences across North America, the UK, in Italy, Japan and in the Middle East and was featured in “The Resonance”, a feature-length documentary on extraterrestrial presence on our planet. Susan has a dynamic, global consulting practice and is the author of a successful series of books including “Meet Alien Energy with Dowsing”. She is a Past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers (2003- 2006) and was named Dowser of the Year in 2006. She is an ordained Metaphysical Minister.

Contact Info:

Phone: 905.833.2440