Campbell Foster

Campbell Foster is a Canadian Sonological Researcher, performer, composer, interactive systems designer, entrepreneur, educator, and inventor of Electroacoustic & Computational Feedback Synthesis, and the CREATION SPIRIT MACHINE a self-generating cymatics device and instrument. PYRAMIDION Co. designs / builds pyramids, and offers group and individual sessions.

“Pyramid Energy Meditation Event”

The Pyramid Energy Meditation Event is a live group meditation guided by Campbell Foster of PYRAMIDION Life Energy Pyramids.

Bring your crystals to witness and connect in a group meditation with the JUPITER Stargate Pyramidion to connect to vast quantities of pure life energy, the omnipresent driving force of Nature, Creation, and all beings.

We will guide the group in meditative coherence for advances in individual, and Gaia (Earth) health, enlightenment, and meditation.

Campbell will also be hosting an Exhibitors table with Individual and Group Pyramid Life Energy Treatments using the large 9 foot JUPITER Pyramids and pyramid complex arrays.


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