Sid Goldberg

Sid Goldberg is a two-time, Daytime Emmy Award winning Director and four-time Emmy Award nominee. Since the onset of his Directorial career, Sid is the recipient of numerous awards, including four Gemini nominations in Canada. Sid has experience filming in over 30-countries worldwide and is a veteran in the genres of Factual Entertainment, Unscripted Reality, Travel, Lifestyle, Documentary, and Conscious Media.

Sid created the website and is the ex-Publisher of that attracted more than 16-million views in its first year. Sid combines his experience from studying meditation and philosophy in the Himalayas under the guidance of an enlightened Master for 9-years, with his research and productions as a Senior Producer of conscious media.

On the path of seeking truth and exploring the origins of who we are, Sid Goldberg has been gifted with experiences and encounters — professionally and personally — which at times challenge mainstream explanation and expectations.

During this presentation Sid will share some of his personal experiences that include:

  • Scientific analysis of and personal experience with the human “Implant” phenomenon. Can this be considered the new, irrefutable, “Hard Evidence”?
  • The concept that we are connected to a Multidimensional Consciousness as shared through personal interviews with leading NASA scientists, high-level military personnel, and enlightened Masters from India
  • Personal experiences of consciousness, growth and evolution from studying mediation and philosophy for 9-years in the Himalayas
  • Audience participation and Q&A