Sherry Wilde


Sherry Wilde certainly dispels the notion that Experiencers are people who live on the fringe. A successful realtor, Wilde now lectures on alien abduction, providing support and understanding for those who have also been taken.

She’ll be one of several Experiencers on hand sharing their stories at this summer’s Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, in Brantford. The Expo kicks off with Friday’s Experiencer Day – an event that is free.

Like many Experiencers, Wilde has also been ridiculed for her stories – and initially refused to believe she had been abducted. But she soon learned her interaction with other worldly beings began as a child and have continued throughout her life.

“The Forgotten Promise,” the story of her journey, was published in 2014.

Besides being at this free event, the Wisconsin-born Wilde will also lecture during the weekend, providing intimate details of her journey and explaining the difference between being an abductee and a volunteer and the amazing things the extraterrestrials have taught her.. In fact, Wilde believes most of us have had at least one encounter with either an inter-dimensional or planet.