Richard Syrett

Richard Syrett - Moderator

With an insatiable curiosity of the world around him, and his unique story telling abilities that have made him a fixture on late-night radio waves for more than 15 years, Richard Syrett is the ideal person to moderate the ground-breaking ET Disclosure Hearing.

The Hearing on Sat. June 25 is part of the Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn and Conference Centre in Brantford. Syrett is often a guest host of “Coast to Coast” and has his own popular syndicated radio program, The Conspiracy Show, which broadcasts each Sunday night out of Toronto on Zoomer Radio AM 740 and heard across North America.

As moderator of the first Canadian national inquiry into UFOs and the Extraterrestrial presence on Earth, Syrett will also be asking some tough questions of the seven internationally-renowned panelists.

The ET Hearing panel consists of Paul Hellyer, Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, Nick Pope, Stephen Bassett, Grant Cameron and Travis Walton

Following his work at the ET Hearing, Syrett will be off travelling and shooting new episodes for “The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett,” a television program now in its 4th season. The internationally-aired docu-style show examines conspiracies, paranormal and supernatural claims and the UFO/ET phenomenon.

Syrett has also been featured on numerous television programs, including Animal Planet’s Freak Encounters, The Travel Channel’s Destination Fear and The History Channel’s William Shatner’s Weird or What?