Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a Toronto based Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist who specializes in working with individuals who feel that they have had experiences with extra-terrestrial/ultra-terrestrial beings. Most of this fascinating work, as well as Metaphysical Therapies such as Past Life and Interlife Regression take place at Lesley’s Toronto-based hypnosis clinic, LIGHTWORK HYPNOSIS (www.lightworkhypnosis.com).

For the past seven years, Lesley has also been the host of a popular UFOlogy-focused programme – “CONTACT TV”(www.facebook.com/contactRS). Her co-host (and the producer of “CONTACT TV”) is experiencer/contactee, Wes Roberts. Wes and Lesley are currently collaborating on a book about Wes’ transformative experience through hypnosis and his recovered memories of extraterrestrial encounters, tentatively titled INTERSECTION – a True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact (slated for a Spring 2017 release).

In addition, Lesley also focuses her work on performing artists from all disciplines, and has developed hypnosis protocols for dealing with artists’ very specialized issues such as stage fright, creative blocks, memory enhancement, dealing with competition and a variety of other topics. I addition to her work at Lightwork Hypnosis, Lesley is also an Associate at The Bloom Centre for Hypnotherapy (www.bloomhypnosis.com), located in The Danforth area of Toronto. She is also a weight loss and smoking cessation specialist at Positive Changes Toronto, also located in the Greater Toronto area. Lesley is a graduate of The Ontario Hypnosis Centre and School and is a member in good standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists, as well as the International Guild of NLP Practitioners. She has also earned NGH Certifications in Past Life Regression, Interlife Regression and Energy (Entity) Release, Pain Management and Pediatric Hypnosis and is also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Prior to her work in hypnotherapy, Lesley has also had a busy career as an actor/dancer/vocalist, and for the past twenty plus years, she has also been a top jazz and arts media consultant, with an array of Grammy and JUNO-winning clients as well as major jazz festivals and record labels. Lesley is currently the Director of LMC Media, with offices both in Toronto and Lesley’s home town of New York City. She is also a busy arts writer, contributing regularly to a variety of publications, including The Whole Note; e-Jazz News, thejazzreview.com, LA Jazz Scene and Hot House New York. Lesley is married to the world-renowned jazz drummer and Member of the Order of Canada, Terry Clarke and they have two talented sons, Kristopher and Kyle.


Lesley is a member of The Experiencer Support Association. (TESA)