Debbie Ziegelmeyer

Debbie has been an amateur astronomer since childhood and has a 10” Schmidt Cassegrain telescope housed in an astronomical dome in her back yard. Her other interests have been as a volunteer archeologist on two of NBC’s projects, “Roswell Crash Starling New Evidence”, who published her personal “dig diaries” experiences in a book entitled “Roswell Dig Diaries”, and on the episode of UFO Hunters entitled “Roswell Revisited”. She has been an independent Investigator for over 25 years, spent over 18 years partnered with her brother Chuck Zukowski reinvestigating the Roswell New Mexico incident of 1947, worked with Ted Phillips’s group for 2 years investigating and researching Marley woods, and has been a MUFON Field Investigator for almost 20 years investigating over 1000 UFO sighting reports. Debbie has made several personal appearances over the past 15 years as a public speaker on the UFO topic. She was a MUFON Symposium speaker in 2013 and 2017, is a yearly guest speaker at the Roswell, NM July Festival and was a guest speaker at the Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous 2017. In 2017 she was awarded the “Roswell Incident Excellence Award” by the Roswell Daily Record and was also awarded MUFON’s “2017 Field Investigator of the Year” award. Currently Debbie Is featured in Ben Mezrich’s best-selling book “The 37th Parallel” which outlines the “UFO Highway” across the United States and her brother Chuck Zukowski’s Investigations.
Debbie’s employment interests are as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, PADI First Responder, Underwater UFO/USO Search and Recovery Instructor, PADI Master Scuba Instructor and PADI Rescue Diver Instructor. She and her St. Louis firefighter son-in-law Roger Meyer, own Missouri Scuba, LLC. In the summer months they conduct scuba diving and water safely seminars for children’s groups, teach children scuba camps, and conduct scuba diving classes for St. Louis City and surrounding county firefighters. Debbie and her husband Wayne are co-owners of Arco Fire and Water Restoration, Inc., Largo Properties, LLC which is commercial rental, and Custom RV & Boat Storage, LLC.