ACE History

Part 1 : The Beginning

I am the Director of The Canadian Hypnosis Conference. Two years in a row we had a speaker telling us about working with “Experiencers” they used to be called “Abductee’s” but it can also include people who have seen, heard or have had contact of some kind – large or small. We began ACE – Alien Cosmic Expo – and immediately attracted world renowned speakers. We wanted a platform for the Experiencers to learn more about this subject in a safe & professional environment. People who have had an experience often have social anxiety phobias, sleeplessness & have self-doubt plus skepticisms from family & friends.


Part 2: Our Experiencers

Our intent each year is to provide a place for Experiencers to tell their story without eyes rolling or being ‘shushed’. By doing this they are able to find so many other with similar stories and details. ACE also has world renowned speakers that educate us on many different aspects of this vast subject. The first 2 years were held in Brantford, ON – which is a hotbed of sightings… At the 6 Nations Reserve close by, sightings are also frequent. This year we moved the Expo to the Toronto Airport because of the number of international speakers and attendee’s

ACE 2017 Speakers 

Part 3: Year Two

In our 2nd year ACE Advisory Board decided to hold a Disclosure Hearing & invite mainstream media to question knowledgeable experts respected in the UFOs, Secret Space Programs & cover-ups. The panel included Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, Travis Walton & Stephen Bassett. The Disclosure Hearings were filmed and preserved on DVD. The room was overflowing with people wanting to hear from these dynamic speakers ..we wondered if we were breaking fire code!

One of the most popular activities of the weekend is to interact with the presenters who each have an Exhibitor table, get your books signed & have your photo taken


Part 4: A Tribute 

Sadly after ACE 2016 Bob Mitchell, a fan favourite, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and within seven weeks was gone. Bob, a writer for the Toronto Star for 35 years was an ACE Advisory Board Member & did all the writing of articles for ACE. Bob, an author of numerous books. Last year, I just had to give Bob a few sentences and he had an entire edited article ready for publication. He helped to market ACE when appearing on multiple radio shows to talk about his books, including Coast-To-Coast. He has been missed all year long as we prepare for this year’s event.

Part 5: Our Exhibitors

We attract such unique Exhibitors to ACE! With t-shirts, cosmic jewelry, Campbell Foster and his Pyramids were popular for everyone to try. Readings with notables such as The Blue Haired Medium, A Neutral Energy Worker that offers guidance to Experiencers, Treatments, Dowsing Tools, Crystals, Channeled Artwork, Aura Photography and much much more. Adding to this we have informational booths such as G.A.G Canada At first we had 3 rooms of speakers running simultaneously with too many choices, attendees wanted to see it all. For the 2nd year we had two rooms running simultaneously. This year we have only 1 speaker at a time so that you experience it all!