Joanna Emery

Joanna Emery

Joanna Emery believes the crop circle phenomenon is too important to ignore. She’ll explain why when she takes the stage at this summer’s Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, in Brantford, Ontario. When people think of crop circles they don’t automatically connect Canada to this phenomena. So it might comes as a surprise to learn that more than 200 crop circle reports have been made in Canada over the past century, The McMaster University history major will present her thoughts on what crop circles are and the various messages they contain on Sunday morning at the Expo.

Canadian crop circle formations ranging from the simple to the spectacular have suddenly appeared in fields and on ice, including on the Canadian prairies where one can drive for miles without seeing another person. Born in London, England, Emery was raised in Canada. She has always been drawn to real-life mysteries but became intrigued with crop circles after buying a crop circle calendar from a book store in 1999. Her interest became voracious and soon volunteered with the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network as their Ontario co-ordinator. Emery’s investigations have taken her across Ontario as well as to England where many of the world’s most famous crop circles have appeared. She remains the go to person for crop circle information in Canada.

Barry Strohm

Barry Strohm

Barry Strohm has learned the history of humanity from a unique source – the spirit of an alien named Mou.

On Friday, June 25, Strohm will be among the Experiencers on hand for Experiencer Day as the Alien Cosmic Expo opens its weekend run in Brantford, Ontario.

As an author and channeler, Strohm had been communicating and receiving information from Mou and he will reveal what he has learned during his lecture on Sunday, June 26. His incredible experience is told in his book “Aliens Among Us,” which those attending ACE will also be able to purchase. In his book, Strohm takes readers on a journey that explores humanity’s past and present connection to other worldly species. Strohm, owner of Golden Lane Antique Gallery in New Oxford, Pa (one of the most haunted places in the U.S.) has discovered that aliens are able to communicate through psychic channeling and explain many of Earth’s mysteries, including what really happened at Roswell, Rendlesham Forest, Biblical alien references and how extraterrestrials have and continue to influence mankind. His wife Connie has also been abducted and the alien spirit connected to Barry has explained why and what happened during her encounter.

Strohm has also met a Reptilian. He is also known for making predictions about future events, Perhaps he will make some while at ACE.

Experiencer Day

Experiencer Day

How many of you have ever seen a UFO or encountered an alien being and never had the courage to tell anybody about the incredible experience?

What if you’ve been abducted? Who do you talk to? Can you trust even your family or closest friend with your darkest secret?

You’re not alone.

Take a read of this excerpt from “Forbidden Knowledge-Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler” co-written by Experiencer Jason Quitt and Brantford author Bob Mitchell.

Jason often had a difficult time keeping these topics bottled inside of him. One night his father noticed he was distressed about something.

“Unable to hold it in anymore I burst out in tears and emotion,” Jason said.

Jason told him what had been happening to him and how he was able to have out of body experiences.

“I also told him about the beings,” Jason said. “He was stunned. He tried to calm me down. But he really didn’t say too much to me.”

But his father begged him to see a psychiatrist.

“I flatly refused and was actually quite hurt and insulted by this suggestion,” Jason said. “But looking back I see how from his perspective why he wanted this for me.”

A few days later Jason was back at his father’s house and was using his computer when he noticed his father had bookmarked many pages dealing with schizophrenia.

“I knew then that I couldn’t share these experiences again with people who didn’t have a solid background in this subject,” Jason said.

“It really made me think of how Experiencers are treated in this society. I can only imagine an Experiencer sharing their story with their parents and the next thing they know they’re on heavy medication and told something is wrong with them or that the devil is influencing them.”

Indeed, you’re not alone.

People throughout the world are struggling with this dilemma every moment of their lives.

But on Friday, June 24 at the opening day of the Alien Cosmic Expo in Brantford, Ontario you’ll be able to unburden yourself to people, who know exactly what you have and are continuing to go through.

Several Experiencers, including a few who will be telling their story on stage throughout the weekend will be participating in “Experiencer Day.”

It’s your chance to share your stories with them and ask the questions you have been seeking answers for in safe and comfortable surroundings without fear of being ridiculed or judged.

“When I read that passage from “Forbidden Knowledge” it really struck a nerve with me,” said Jo-Anne Eadie, organizer of the Alien Cosmic Expo. “I actually became very emotional. I understood what Experiencers must be going through.

“It’s why a feel so strongly that we need to able to talk about these events in a safe environment such as Experience Day.”

Confirmed Experiencers so far include Joanna L Ross, Sherry Wilde, Grant Cameron, Janet Lessin and Dr. Sasha Lessin, Barry Strohm, Osie, and Elizabeth April.

The cost for Friday’s “Experiencer Day” is $99 and includes a special Friday night dinner featuring Travis Walton, one of the most recognized abductees in the world. You’ll also watch a screening of his documentary “Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton” – a documentary by Onwinges Productions.

Walton is also expected to make an appearance during the day at the Experiencer event.

The cost for just attending Friday night’s dinner and show is $45.00 + tax