As a young child living in rural Newfoundland on the outskirts of Grand Falls, Osie woke up screaming every night from her terrible nightmares.

She believes she was abducted as a child – and is still being abducted today – by aliens, who have been doing medical procedures to her for her entire life.

At this summer’s Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, in Brantford, Ontario, Osie will discuss how her life dramatically changed only a few years ago when she discovered she not only had psychic powers but how becoming a medium paved the way for her understanding what was happening to her during her nightmare

Osie revealed her story for the first time as one of the Experiencers interviewed in Brantford author Bob Mitchell’s book, “What if? Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind.”

Interestingly, Josie never had any interest in UFOs or aliens until her nightmares returned in 2015 and she began having very vivid out of body experiences that led to horrific encounters with other worldly beings.

Initially, she never saw the beings although she could hear them telepathically and knew they were around her.

“I saw shadows, outlines and they’re above me,” she explained. “I know they were doing stuff to me because I was screaming.

“There was so much pain. I didn’t hear any sounds. All I know is that I didn’t want to be there. I felt as if I was passing out and coming to again.”

Osie will also be on hand at ACE for Friday’s Experiencer Day where ticket holders can wander and ask questions of several invited guests.


Victor Viggiani

victor viggianiSince the birth of the Disclosure Movement in the latter stages of the 20th century several key events, players and revelations have played a major role in ascribing a new linguistic meaning to the metaphor of ‘disclosure’. The people and events responsible for putting in place this new vernacular have not only created a political and social Global Revolution but they have introduced to humanity different ways of knowing. Victor Viggiani will discuss this global revolution – and what it means to humanity – at this summer’s Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, in Brantford, Ontario.

“This global revolution is about a new ontology of who we are as a species and the exo-conscious and visceral connection we have with the beings with whom we share the cosmos,” Viggiani said.

The former Toronto high school principal now runs ZlandCommunications, an independent news service dedicated to analyzing and distributing news and intelligence related to national security and the geo-political implications of the disclosure of extra-terrestrial presence now engaging humanity.

“Never before has humanity pondered such real possibilities – essentially because our current linguistic capacities have proven insufficient and even controlled by our political, educational, religious and scientific institutions,” Viggiani said. “The events and people of the Disclosure Movement have – either by design or sheer inadvertency – created a ‘language of a new reality’.

Viggiani will examine how this ‘language of a new reality’ – one now spoken so well by a new breed of researchers, authors and truth seekers –will soon also be embraced by humanity.

“The transition into and interpretation of this ‘language of a new reality’ which describes how and perhaps why we are being engaged by off-world civilizations is well into the process of drastically altering perceptions of what humanity might have been in the distant past,” Viggiani said. “It is now time to take the next step in knowing who we were, who we are and who we will become.”

Jason Quitt

Jason Quitt

How often have you looked at life and thought there must be more than just this?

Jason Quitt is living proof there is. As a multi-dimensional time traveler, Jason has experienced the past, the present and the future.

He life story has been told in the just-released book “Forbidden Knowledge-Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler” – a book he co-wrote with Brantford’s own UFO author Bob Mitchell. Jason will discuss his incredible story when he and Bob take the stage to close this summer’s Alien Cosmic Expo on Sunday, June 26. at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn in Brantford, Ontario.

From ancient Egypt and Atlantis to our possible pre and post apocalyptic future Jason has been a witness to our un-recorded history. “Our world isn’t what we think it is,” Quitt says. “It’s a world once fought and protected by other worldly and dimensional beings.” Jason will also discuss how people all over the planet are beginning an awakening process and peering behind the veil of what we perceive as our known reality.

Joanna L. Ross

Joanna L. Ross

Joanna L Ross believes there is absolutely more to our life than we ever could imagine. She’ll be providing her insights and visionary perspective at this summer’s Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, in Brantford.

Her path to awakening began nearly a decade ago after the birth of her daughter. From then she has embarked on an intense journey of self discovery on her path to ascension and reuniting with her celestial spirit guide team. At the Expo she will discuss the universal energies that rule our reality in this life on Earth and will be among those on hand for the entirely free Experience Day workshop that opens the weekend on Friday, June 24.

As an author, public speaker and Ambassador for the New Earth, Joanna also provides private and group ascension events where participants gain insights and how to move through their daily life with an enlightened and understanding. She has also taken her “First Contact Symposium” on the road to inspire and unveil the fifth Dimensional view of Earth.